Geléia de Amora e Nozes Caramelizadas | I Could Kill For Dessert 03 #ICKFD

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Nesse vídeo dei leveza ao açúcar! Fiz uma geléia de amora com vinho do porto que vai bem no pão do café da manhã, em tortas, mas que eu também gosto muito de usar em uma refrescante salada verde. No entanto esqueci que tinha que misturar a geléia com vinagre balsâmico. Em casa quando você for fazer o molho para a salada, misture 1 colher de sopa da geléia de amora com 1 colher de sopa de vinagre balsâmico. Fica uma delícia. E por cima da salada vão as nozes caramelizadas, que você pode guardar por até 7 dias na geladeira, embaladas em um saco plástico bem fechado e colocar por cima de sorvetes ou a sobremesa que preferir.

Blackberry Jam and Porto Wine

You can quadruplicate this jam recipe when you prepare it and you can still be sure you will run out of it, cause you'll feel like eating it all! It's ideal for you morning bread, topping an ice cream and even mixed with a little bit of balsamic vinegar to use it as a salad sauce!

-150 grams of COARSE SUGAR
-zestes of one ORANGE
-200ml of PORTO WINE

1. Put the blackberries and the sugar in a medium pan.
2. Take it to stove at low heat to cook until the blackberries are soft.
3. Add the Porto wine and the orange zestes.
4. Mix it all delicately and take cook it until you have a jam consistency.
5. Cool it down and keep them in closed pots.

- While the jam is cooking, use a ladle to take out some of that foam that rises on top of the jam. The more you take that foam out, the shinier your jam will be. Remember, don't stir your jam too much or it will crystallize!
KEEP IT FOR: one month in the fridge.
MAKES ABOUT: 350 grams of jam.
SOURCE: Cookies Book, Martha Stewart.

Crunchy Caramel Walnuts

The crunchy caramel nuts is a "joker" to use and give texture to several recipes, salty or sweet. It's great on top of icecreams, pies and even salads!

-1 cup of WALNUTS
-1 cup of COARSE SUGAR

1. Chop the nuts.
2. Put the sugar in a medium pan and take it to stove to caramelize, without stirring, until it reaches 170C, between 6 and 8 minutes. At this temperature the caramel won't be too sweet and it will have a light bitterness, which is really tasty to give a contrast with the ripe figs in the salad, so everything won't be too sweet as well.
3. Add the chopped walnuts to the caramel and mix it.
4. Pour the misture on a silpat or, if you don't have a silpat, pour it on a marble counter and let it cool a little.
5. Chop the walnuts while they're still warm so it won't be too difficult to chop.
KEEP IT FOR: 5 days inside a sealed plastic bag and inside the fridge.
MAKES ABOUT: 2 cups.

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